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Lesson 2 – Wear Your Armor Before You Start Reading February 8, 2010

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“When you read Quran (prior to that) seek protection with Allah against Shaitaan, the accursed.”

Surah Al-Nahl (Surah 16), verse 98


This goes out to all the atheists and agnostics, all the people who’re finding excuses to continue to “live it up”. See, shaitaan is the one who put the idea of not having to believe in the first, to not have any real accountability for things; he’s the one who makes the idea of 4 wives look immoral (just off the top of my head) without letting you think about the reason behind why it was allowed in the first place. shaitaan knows how a human mind works… for EACH individual, he has a different strategy. So let’s see, when you finally decide to read Quran with an open mind, you may think you’re thinking freely and you’re being logical and smart but you don’t know how the ugly faced shaitaan is forming images in your head, you don’t know how he’s distracting you, you don’t know what tricks he’s going to use to push you away from the truth and from Allah’s message. When you’ve read the Quran enough and you feel like you’re surely on the right path now, shaitaan, who was sitting right behind you all this time, the loser that he is, will envelop you with feelings of pride and of arrogance, maybe self-righteousness too thereby efficiently pulling you into his trap.


every time when you read the Quran, you WILL have to seek Allah’s protection so that whatever good that’s to come out of your reading, you understand (and apply) it fully… and whatever makes you question Allah’s message you find your answers soon enough, so you don’t fall in doubt, denial and similar vices, while you’re still seeking answers.

These are all little traps you think you’re too smart for… but NOOOOO! There are much too many thorns around here, each step has to be scrutinized, each decision has to be taken with the thought of  “Allah” vs “shaitaan”.

Other than this, here you can see Allah is subtly saying you can only seek His protection, you don’t need a bodyguard or a best friend or a jinn… only Him. Also, He is calling shaitaan, the “accursed”. Allah is pure and He is cursing shaitaan?? That’s gotta tell you something!

Disclaimer: I’m still struggling with so many things so there are going to be things on the blog that’ll raise your eyebrows and say, “Say whaaa?! What is this chick talking about??!?! Wasn’t she the one who watched that movie or did that?”

I understand that’ll continue to be a problem, but I’m trying to find myself through this experiment and I’m trying to spread goodness in a way I feel comfortable with… I’ll appreciate it if you kept the negativity away and just shared your viewpoints. All kinds of comments are welcome, as long as they are within an obviously evident (theme of the blog) decorum.


5 Responses to “Lesson 2 – Wear Your Armor Before You Start Reading”

  1. Ameera Says:

    A lot of important points there, especially the one about the fact that Allah(swt) points out Shaytan as the “accursed” one.

    Perhaps the best way to really remind yourself of how evil Shaytan is, is by remembering what he did to our parents, Adam(as) and Hawwa(as). If someone humiliated our direct biological parents in such a way, I can’t think of how I’d want to deal with such a person. And then, Adam(as) and Hawaa(as) were parents to all mankind! It’s just unimaginable how evil a companion Shaytan is for us.

    The other thing I thought about here was when you mentioned about how you think people might raise objections against you, over what you do and what you say. That is also an indirect ploy from Shaytan and also a test from Allah(swt). The thing to remember is, when someone’s declared he or she is working for selfimprovement, it’s very stupid for others to point fingers still.

  2. Ameera Says:

    I mean, cut the person some slack please! Besides, each person had better first look within themselves and also ask themselves: what am I doing for self reform?

    I accidentally hit the “publish comment” button in my last comment and so I couldn’t post two ayahs there that I wanted to… here it is:

    “O Muslims! Allaah says that which means: “Do not follow the footsteps of Satan. Indeed, he is to you a clear enemy.” (Al-Baqarah: 208)

    “Indeed, Satan is an enemy to you; so take him as an enemy.” (Faatir: 5)

    This is the reason we begin reciting the Qur’an with Aa’oodhobillahi min ash-shaytanir rajeem!

  3. Shan Says:

    What is this chick talking about!?

  4. A Says:

    This whole ‘four wives’ allowance has always mystified me because it seems out of harmony in a religion that proclaims to be a champion of women’s rights.
    Over the last few years, at the risk of being iconoclastic i have become increasingly convinced that this is more of an exception rule that is acceptable only in extenuating circumstances. A classic scenario would be a war ravaged country like Afghanistan where gender ratio has become heavily distorted and this allowance attempts to preserve the fabric of society.
    Here in America, having encountered this “progressive society” deal with the issue of single mothers only seems to provide ample evidence how this is a lose-lose scenario regardless of the prism one uses to view it.

  5. livingbyit Says:

    Ameera: Thanks for the heads up! I couldn’t agree more with you; I’ve hardly anything to add to that. 🙂

    Shan: EXactly my thoughts!

    A: Understandably so, I’ve always considered this ruling to be a case of exception than an order per se, like you said. Marriage allows a woman status in society and there are one too many feminists who claim they don’t need men to “take care of them”, but talk to them ten years down the road and they’ll probably regret not having to go home to a man and/ or family, what with the licenses all the men around them now hold to ogle, dishonor and jeer. On the other hand, it’s not like most men want to take the responsibility of more than one wife, anyway. 😉

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