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Lesson 3 – Graphic February 9, 2010

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“O you people who believe! Avoid suspicion in a majority of cases. In fact suspicion in some cases can be sin. And do not pry (or spy), and do not gossip about others behind their backs. Will any of you like that one eats his dead brother’s flesh? But you will detest that. And fear Allah. Indeed Allah Accepts repentance (of remorse), He is Merciful.”

Surah Al-Hijarat (Surah 49), verse 12


Okay, so there are so many things to pick up from here… I’m going to keep this concise hopefully.

  • First of all, you are ordered of this, IF you believe. If you don’t, well you have less of an obligation, right? 😉
  • Then, notice the use of the words “majority of cases”… so fundos and self-righteous people who claim suspicion is just wrong and that you have to trust Him in all matters without using the neurons constituting your brain, well go ahead and smack them, if you like… because they are clearly misguiding you and they are encouraging you to retard/ restrict yourself to a place you know you’re uncomfortable with. I mean sure you want to say you want to have faith but you need a sense of slight command over your decisions (even though ultimately He is the Decider, but I digress…), and Allah HAS given you that leverage. So say, if you think the shopkeeper is giving you a refurbished product, if you think your kid is lying to you about something, if you think your spouse is upto no good, then you DO have the right to check things for yourself and be suspicious!
  • Then the next part is obvious. We’ve seen enough movies and we’ve experienced enough on our own to understand that excessive or unnecessary suspicion leads to chaos, feelings of worthlessness and paranaoia… You’re being unfair to the person when you’re suspecting wrong, right? Isn’t it great that it’s considered a sin then? So when you are not being suspicious, you are not hurting anybody and you’re not sinning… sounds like a good deal to me!
  • “Do not pry or spy”… Well FB, Twitter, myspace, Google all kinda put an end to that, right? I don’t know how to live my life without stalking people anymore! So the only way I find myself trying to apply this, is to not spy outside the virtual world. Kinda dumb, I know.
  • Ugh, gossiping behind backs? How do you even stop that? So many times it seems like it’s normal talk, or that you’re helping somebody out by letting them know what you know about the subject (one of shaitaan’s many, many ploys). Only thing I’ve figured out is I have to reduce the amount of talk that I think is enough to what is enough. This is a constant struggle, almost as if I feel I can never achieve it… but I’m not losing hope, ‘kay??
  • I find the next part so interesting. Allah presents a rhetoric and then He Answers it Himself! He Asks me if I’d like to eat my (a) DEAD – a thought I never have and I choose it to be that way (b) BROTHER’S – the same person who protects me or pretends to, or whatever, the one who bought snacks for me from his measly pocket money when we were younger, the one who makes me feel important around here (in his own weird ways, admittedly) (c) FLESH – okay ewww! Then He Says I will hate it if I had to eat it, I mean I know, but He is still telling me how I’d feel. I think it’s because with these two phrases, you get a more distinct picture about how badly it’s considered. The take home lesson for me is to shut it when I blurt it!
  • He is asking me to fear Him – because I don’t completely understand yet what He’s about. He is much much much more than I think I know. On a sidenote, fear isn’t a bad thing; an example you’ll be able to relate to is that of your strict teacher who helped you become what you are today, in some way or the other. Ms Fikree from St Joseph’s Convent was apparently that, and you all still love her, don’t you?
  • He is telling me repentance is the way out… Okay so that looks easy: Clean heart, ask for forgiveness, don’t do it again. Piece of cake! Really. The best part is you can perform this act more than once, in case you fall into shaitaan’s trap, and it’ll produce the same results with Him.
  • … and He is stating His quality of being Merciful… to drive home the point about repentance!

4 Responses to “Lesson 3 – Graphic”

  1. Nuskam Says:

    -Suggest put Islamic date also.
    -You may indicate the source from where you are sharing the English translation.
    -I like the way you write and the explanation.

  2. livingbyit Says:

    Thanks! I appreciate it Nuskam! 😉
    Great suggestions, I’ll incorporate them from my next entry.

  3. Ameera Says:

    Interesting. You’ve pretty much said it all there. 🙂
    The stalking part I can get… I mean, even in the virtual world, if you’re looking at someone’s private stuff and (duh!) it’s pinching your conscience, it’s included in prying. Yeah, I stopped, Alhamdolillah. 🙂

    On the other hand, suspicion… that’s something that opens the door to so many problems. You’re actually directly hurting another person and, if you think ddeeply, even your own self by harboring all that negativity. One of the senior Sahaba once said something along the lines of that he’d rather give someone ninety-nine excuses for doing something wrong before suspecting him.

    Prying encompasses a lot of things though, some which we don’t realize. For example, “Why did so-and-so do this?” “Has she split up with him? Wow! What happened?” 😛

  4. livingbyit Says:

    Ameera: That’s what I’m saying… so many things are such regular conversation pieces now, it’s almost as if we’ll be doing something unnatural if we tried to put a stop to them. When you don’t talk about people/ incidents, you feel like you have nothing to talk about anymore.
    I honestly can’t find a solution to certain habits we’ve made a part of our lives. :S

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