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Lesson 9 – A Reminder of His Mercy February 15, 2010

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Rabi Al-Awwal 1, 1431

“We have revealed the Quran to you not for it to be a cause of hardship for you, but for it to be a counsel (to be remembered), for the one who fears (Allah).”

Surah Taha (Surah 20), verses 2,3


This is the kind of line that really makes me feel like Allah is reaching out to me (yes, yes it’s supposed to be the other way round). I feel comforted and encouraged that Allah does not want to make things hard for me, that His words are pieces of advice that I can grab or discard… if I were to grab them, I would prosper (Surah Al- Baqarah (Surah 2, verse 5).

I’ve always appreciated free advice, like I’m not being forced, like my choices are at my disposal, like my agreement with somebody is because I made the decision to agree with him/her. I like how Allah’s commandments are so individualized, how He Understands that we take His orders to be difficult and we’re moronous in thinking we deserve much more because of the “efforts” we’re making in trying to be good, if at all.

Therefore, there are three things that we all need to take away from these lines:

  • This is never to be taken as hardship. No, God is not deriving pleasure from giving you tough choices, you’re just too näive and lazy to understand His words at this point in time, you’re just not making the effort to learn and reflect on His advice and you’re just not realizing that these choices are not tough, if you believed.
  • He is Advising things that are good for you, things that’ll help you to succeed if you were to re-define success to what it actually IS!
  • Fear Allah, for He Owns everything, Knows everything and is Omni-Present.

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