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Lesson 28 – Purpose to my Existence. Purposeful Existence. March 30, 2010

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Rabi Al-Sani 16, 1431

“Why have We created the heavens and Earth and all that is in between the two? Only with precision for purpose, and for a finite term. And people who commit kufr (who refuse to believe) turn away from that of which they are warned.”

Surah Al-Ahqaf (Surah 46), verse 3


My dad is quite the philosopher. Life amazes him. The beauty of the world, the nitty gritties of life, the fact that we go out of the house to earn our livelihoods, the sky, the stars, the foods we consume, our laughter, our cries, our fights, our sorrows, our minds, people – everything fascinates me. And confuses him. Ever so often, he’ll invite me to sit with him and just talk about why we’re here, how we’re here. I don’t find the conversation enjoyable. Maybe I’m a dimwit who doesn’t want to talk in length about Allah’s Plan – something I possess little knowledge of, if at all. Maybe I’m just lazy to wrack my brains and come up with answers.

But day before yesterday, I told him, “Abbu! We DON’T KNOW! There IS a purpose! We’re not just living away lives because Allah just Created us like that. It’s there in the Quran, that’s all I know.”

The funny thing is, a few years back I used to play in my mind the words “pointlessness”, “uselessness”, “wastefulness” when I thought about life, in general. The hurts, the worries, the mistakes all led me to consider life to be so meaningless. I mean why ARE we here? We wake up, get dressed, go somewhere, come back home and sleep… only to repeat the cycle. Everyday. So I guess it’s the kind of question we all pretend to find answers to, every now and then… which brings me to the current verse.

Allah has Declared that a) there IS a purpose, b) all of this has been done with precision. Nothing was left on chance or on invariable entities. Everything IS, in fact, in order – that, however, is beyond our comprehension, c) it’s for a finite time – life, as we know it, IS going to end. Nothing we save will remain, nothing will go to waste. Something WILL follow things-that-are-there-for-a-finite-term.

Some day I’ll list the things we’ve been warned of. We will all then decide whether we’re kafir‘s or Muslims.

Upon further exploration and reading, I’ve discovered that our purpose is to worship Allah and obey His Commands. It’s a concept I’ve had to work on because I used to wonder about WHY I need to worship Him, WHY HE Made me in the first place… Just so I could worship Him? I wish I could explain better but it seems that’s what I gotta do. Live a life with the purpose to help humanity, to worship Him.


2 Responses to “Lesson 28 – Purpose to my Existence. Purposeful Existence.”

  1. abez Says:

    AssalamuAlaikum Sammy πŸ™‚ Good thing you’re a sister, otherwise HF might have gotten suspicious from your comment :p These are great reminders, MashaAllah, and I realize you’re probably busy, but it would be nice to see more of them. You’re definitely not the only one who needs them.


  2. livingbyit Says:

    Walaikum assalam!
    Haha sorry for the scare! πŸ˜€

    I’m truly a struggling Muslimah, but this blog gives me some direction, so here I am!

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