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Lesson 30 – Petra And Rome Aren’t That Great If You Really Think About It! April 3, 2010

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Rabi Al-Sani 20, 1431

“Tell these people who are refusing to believe, that if they desist, they will be forgiven whatever happened earlier. And if they persist then their fate will be the same as has been the tradition in the past.”

Surah Al-Anfal (Surah 8), verse 38


It’s interesting that the word “believer” is used in places that are followed by clear commands. The words “refusing to believe” mean that all of us are included and not just people of other faiths. That way we, the Muslims “refusing to believe”, are being addressed the same way as an atheist, an agnostic, a Christian, a Jew, a Hindu is. It seems as if we’re being stripped of the honor we have of being Muslims and just heed to Allah’s words here.

Now, can you ever expect to rise in a multinational company if you mess up a huge international deal? No. Can you ever regain a partner’s trust if you’ve committed zina after promising fidelity? Hardly so. Can you survive a criminal prosecution if you’ve been caught executing a robbery? No, unless there’s some hanky panky involved that is so prevalent today. Can you stop the examiner from getting your paper annulled if you’ve been strongly suspected of cheating? Rarely.

But with God, the rules change. All you gotta do is STOP, REPENT, OBEY and PASS ON the message of His Favors… and you have a clean record; you’ve found the stairway to heaven, you’ve found the gardens with free flowing drinks. Easy innit?

If, however, we continue to IGNORE and SIDELINE the holy words for whatever short-term goals we have, then God has been Kind enough to show us what He will Do: the epitome of evidence based learning. This is what He means. And this, this, this, this, this and this among so many others. I believe that all the mystical areas of the world, all the tourist sites really, are remnants of nations gone astray, nations that were astoundingly intelligent and established but stubbornly non-conformists.

So book yourself a ticket, visit Petra, visit the Coliseum of Rome, go to Mexico, fly to Moenjodaro and be flabbergasted! And then be thankful that you still have a chance to make the right choices and not have the “same fate as has been of the traditions in the past”.


4 Responses to “Lesson 30 – Petra And Rome Aren’t That Great If You Really Think About It!”

  1. abez Says:

    Love the new layout. And very true about the perished nations being tourist sites now, SubhanAllah. Don’t forget to add Pompei to the list!

  2. Nuskam Says:



    That was what immediately came to my mind i.e Pompei, when I read this post. I have been to that place and it is here we can see physical evidences of why they faced the wrath of God, and as they say a picture is worth a thousand words. This also confirms that the abrupt and sudden annihilation of an entire population, as mentioned in the Holy Quran for several nations, is very much possible.

  3. livingbyit Says:

    Abez: Thank you. Yes, yes, I must!
    And as I searched for ancient civilizations in google, I found out there are many, many other places unheard of, all having the commonality of being brilliantly preserved! I mean the later generations could have broken them down and constructed “modern” structures, but they haven’t… because those places ARE that awe-inspiring and because Allah’s Plan, to show us what became of them, has come into play.

    Nuskam: Allah is All-Powerful and to imagine that the people of each of these nations could not run away, could not hide in their bunkers, could not apply the intelligence they possessed to get away is a lesson in itself

  4. […] reverberating mention of previous generations exists in the verse at the same time, which is why you should scroll […]

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