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Lesson 31 – A Prayer For When We’re Vulnerable April 5, 2010

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Rabi Al-Sani 22. 1431

“Allah does not put a burden on any living creature more than its capacity to bear.

To each belong (the good) it had earned, and to it belong (the ills) it had earned.

“O our Rabb! Do not condemn us if we are forgetful or if we make a mistake.

O our Rabb! Do not load us with a burden as was loaded on generations before us.

O our Rabb! And do not lay a load on us greater than the one we have strength to bear.

And Forgive us, and Pardon us, and have Mercy on us, You are our Friend, (our Protector); then help us against the group of kafirine (those believe who refuse to believe in You).”

Surah Al Baqarah (Surah 2), verse 286


Sometimes I wonder about the stuff my mom had to deal with, because of us. We weren’t exactly the kids a mother would wish for… and then I remember reading about how nobody is given a burden he’s unable to take… and so it was her patience, strength and utmost faith in Allah that worked because, fortunately for us, she HAD that kind of patience, strength and faith. My parents make a lovely combination and they both stood through time, tough times, to finally reach this point where they can relax a bit and expect us to pay our due, so to say… in terms of the love and care we were given. A lot of people have come up to me and told me how strong my mom is… and I wasn’t too impressed because to me it seemed like she was just strict… until a few years ago when I realized that she’s capable of what she is, and she’s applying all her wisdom and all the precautionary measures for us, at the risk of retarding us in our “social circles”.

Then I see other people around me and wonder how they had it easier and all I can conclude is that they didn’t have the strength to bear as much, maybe, as my parents did… We all have our roles and Allah decided to give my parents the roles that those people could probably not take.

The stuff I’ve had to go through, I guess I had the strength to come out smiling. We all go through stuff we think we shouldn’t have, because you know, Allah is All-Powerful… but we forget that he’s Wise too… so why stuff happened the way it did, the knowledge is with Him alone and it’s best to leave things at just that… and move on.

At the other end of the spectrum, when I see people screaming and disbelieving when a loved one passes away unexpectedly, my heart goes out to them and I seriously wonder how people continue with their lives for the immediate time that follows. How they take that burden, when such dependency is involved.

A slight analysis of this verse would reveal that it’s our forgetfulness, our deeds, our mistakes and our lack of understanding that He is a Friend – the Almighty Who’ll take us along and Guide us when we feel we’ve fallen so hard we can’t find the strength to get up again – all overlapping together to produce the circumstances and thus, the significance/ relevance of this prayer. Yet again, shaitaan sits back and pounces on the opportunity, if he finds one, when the world’s falling apart for us… so seeking refuge from him should be first and foremost; he’ll recruit the kafirine, he’ll find a way to make us question Allah’s Decisions, Wisdom and Power… so we mustn’t let the ugliness of his soul affect us and remember to recite this prayer (InshaAllah).

A reverberating mention of previous generations exists in the verse at the same time, which is why you should scroll down.