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Lesson 39 – Civilized debating April 23, 2010

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“And do not debate with people of the Book except in a manner that is good (courteous). But not with those of them who are oppressive (are unjust, commit kufr). And say: “We believe in what is revealed for us and what was revealed for you people. And the One we worship and the One you worship is the One Alone. And we are Musalman submitting in obedience to Him.”

Surah Al-Ankaboot (Surah 29),  verse 46


[I feel so smart following the last post with this. Eh, it’s a coincidence.]

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to read some forums where Muslims and non-Muslims argue about who’s more right, you would know that a lot of silly things go on there. A lot of times there are forums where Muslims attack Muslims of different sects (sigh) and it’s plain foolish!

There are unauthentic lines, cuss words, personal attacks and everything else silly that you can think of.

I thoroughly enjoy reading Quran in terms of just HOW relevant it is to our day-to-day lives (except when Allah Addresses my weaknesses so pointedly)! I’ve been through the forums (not that I’ve ever actively debated… I just don’t consider myself to have enough knowledge to) and to read this verse is like concluding a story. It’s so beautiful the way we are being asked to deal with these situations, situations that are bound to arise because we take upon ourselves to divide into sects, to have so much freedom of speech that a Christian feels no remorse in calling Muslims terrorists the same way that an average Muslim thinks that all Christians are going to hell.

What are we being told?

  • Do debate.
  • But in a civilized manner. No personal attacks, no pre-conceived notions, no interrupting, no shouting, no generalizations, nothing offensive, no smashing, no banging of the table, no hair-pulling, no arrogance (now now, ALL Muslims think they are higher in the hierarchy… even if they lie, cheat, drink; even if the opposing party believes in one God and is abstinent).
  • DON’T debate with those are doing the above and/ or saying things about your Creator that anger you and nothing else.
  • But don’t move away without explaining what you’re about… which is believing in ONE God; which is S U B M I T T I N G in obedience to Him; which is believing all that there is in Quran; which is believing that the Books revealed earlier were by Him only, that they commanded the same things as in Quran until the the believers adulterated them.