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Lesson 40 – developing discipline August 23, 2010

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Spiritual void << This is why I stopped writing here.

The gist of the video is how Muslims can be active in trying to do good,  in trying to make a difference to other people’s lives, in working with pure dedication to motivate others to stay on the righteous path – but feel no spirituality themselves. I had reached a point where I was writing and talking about incorporating the good in me, I was meeting deadlines in terms of writing every alternate day but it was getting mechanical and nothing more. Not that the blog is receiving a lot of hits, not that my words are inspiring more than a handful (if at all) but it was odd for me to be just writing and feeling nothing.

I’m back here. I’m not making promises about how regular I’m going to be – as long as I can write every alternate day,  I will. Here’s to a new start…