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Lesson 42 – Lose the Pride or You Lose (Big Time!) March 16, 2011

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” And your Rabb says: “Appeal to ME I will respond to (accept) your plea. In fact the people who are too proud to supplicate to ME will certainly be entered into Hell, abased (submissive, in humiliation).” “

Surah Al-Ghafir (Surah 40), verse 60


Hmm so it’s a little frustrating when you’ve given somebody an open offer for something (a ride, a favor, piece of clothing, a shoulder to cry on) and they don’t utilize it even if that means investing in a problematic situation for themselves. I understand why one may not avail an evidently good opportunity – feeling burdensome, small, deprived are maybe some of the emotions that prevent us from it. Now it’s fine on a human level cuz most humans we interact with are weird that way… goodwill is hard to come by, purity is rarer than finding the perfect shade of turquoise shoes, ability to convince people of your generosity without ulterior motives isn’t as easy to feel or apply for that matter.

… But with God, it’s just not the same. And why would it be? He’s Pure, He’s Merciful and He’s Perfect in every sense of the word. You can go to Him for anything and everything, any time and every time, any place and every place, any hour and any day. But what happens is we usually let our pride come in between, this feeling of being able to do things OURSELVES, finding solutions OURSELVES, fixing ourselves OURSELVES, calculating and planning for the means to get what we want OURSELVES like He’s not the One making any of that happen. Now don’t misinterpret the value of human input with anything one does in getting to one’s goal… It IS critical but I feel we generally misunderstand the amount of power there is in prayer, in appealing to Him for things that are menial and things that are life-changing likewise.

The point that needs to be remembered is that first and foremost, one submits to His Absolute Power which means He’s the One who Gives, He’s the One who takes it away; one submits to His complete control over whatever we do, whatever he have. To think that I got a certain piece of gadget because I put in so many hours or so much effort is equivalent to not acknowledging His Mercy upon me in Providing me with it. Sometimes when we have to wait for things (to happen, to come to us, to play out), we interpret that as an answer, as an excuse to go about our things on our own like He’s not a part of it anymore. It’s basically just a balance between working for things that matter to us and relying on His Plan for us regardless of the outcome. It’s not easy finding a balance sometimes but nobody said it was going to be easy. Balancing IS always tricky. But deen and dunya we must always, always work to balance. It’s what we’re here for, right?

Something that I find striking in this verse is the fact that first Allah (swt) is showing His Generosity in it but then He’s ending it with a reminder of His Power and the need to submit to it lest we underestimate it while we’re headed towards hellfire.