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Lesson 12 – I’m Too Good For Ya February 18, 2010

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Rabi Al-Awwal 4, 1431

“The arrogant ones said: “In fact the One you believe in is the One we refuse to accept.”

Surah Al-Airaaf (Surah 7), verse 76


  • Arrogant – when you think you’re too good for somebody, too good for the situation; when you can’t accept the simplest of things because it’s tough to step down from the image/ illusion of having a “strong” personality; when you are regularly annoying to be around; when you would rather surround yourself with a certain kind of people and not give the “regular ones” a chance.
  • Humble – when people take you for granted but you still continue to feel an inner calm; when you have little care about what people may think of you as long as you’re doing the right thing.

It’s pretty amazing how He squeezed their personality into this little verse. It seems to say that these people know it’s the truth but they need to clear it out that they will… not… accept it.

Sometimes I wonder, there’s so much talk in the Quran about people who refuse to accept Allah, do we, the NON-atheists, fall into that category too every once in a while? We ARE pretty arrogant, sometimes without realizing it; we have our own ideas, our own common sense(s) that has, frankly, been moulded so much over the years I’ve begun to think our wiring’s mostly wrong now. We adapt to things that suit us, we thank Him for the blessings, crib about the miseries – that’s a whiff of refusal to accept His Might… no?