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Lesson 27 – Taught & Learnt March 28, 2010

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Rabi Al-Sani 12, 1431

“And We had done all that. And We taught him the manufacture (of such) clothing for you with which to protect yourself in your war. Then are you grateful?”

Surah Al-Anbiaa (Surah 21), verse 80


The “he” refers to Hazrat Daood (raw). Let me get this… Allah is Saying Hazrat Daood (raw) invented the armour. We think we’re such hotshots inventing this gadget and that technology, developing this design and that vaccine. What brought us to this level? What preceded all this? When we compare this time with that of our parent’s childhoods, we come up with soooooo many things that were unthinkable then and a necessity now. What of generations hundreds of years ago?

This verse make me ponder about something else too… about how Allah is the One who Grants us knowledge. It’s not what we get out of books, we could read tons and tons of literature and not grasp anything out of if Allah doesn’t Will it to be. I actually experienced that back when I was doing Pharmacology a few years back. I didn’t get ANYTHING of Pharma. And I didn’t TILL AFTER THE EXAMS! I read two Pharmacology books, I did questions but I just didn’t get it. That’s how mathematics is for a lot of people, but I digress. All my friends got it, they remember the classifications, they remember some of the unique characteristics of certain drugs. I mean I’m not super smart but how could it be that I picked almost nothing from the subject while everybody managed to struggle their way out of?

During exam time, I actually ask Allah to make my learning possible and useful for me. Who else am I going to ask, you know? There’s a part in Ayat-ul-kursi that says something along the lines of how we would know of nothing unless Allah Allows that to happen. So I keep reciting that with a prayer in my heart of letting me understand what I intend to read and study. What I need to do now is to remember to be grateful when He DOES Allow for that to happen, and not think about how smart and strategic I was with my “study” plan.