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Lesson 15 – Wait, Don’t Pay Me!!! February 22, 2010

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Rabi Al-Awwal 8, 1431

“And I do not ask you to recompense me for this (work), there is no recompense for this, except it is (obligation) of Rabb of all creation.”

Surah Al-Shu’raa (Surah 26), verse 127


This was Hazrat Hud’s (raw) clarification to his people upon his role as a messenger to them, but it holds true for all of us still – a reminder of the timelessness of Quran.

On a personal level, this seems to be the perfect tagline for my blog!

Things to note:

  • When one person is making an effort to guide somebody, believer or not, it’s not a favor he’s doing that needs to be compensated with things tangible. Sure, if you want to send back a prayer for that person, it’ll just be the goodness of your heart (and maybe gratitude) working… but basically these are duties we have to perform for our fellow men; spread the truth; help out in small ways and big; ignore the vices, better yet address them only to improve things, if you can; keep the individual efforts persistent, that’s the important thing to realize. You are not accountable to the people around you (a-t  a-l-l) and it’s hard to break out of that shell if you’re caught up in it.
  • Obligation – to obey. You don’t have a choice. The question now is how much effort are you going to make to seek the truth? Sift the made-up stuff from the truth? Check sources? Because, frankly, when you’ve decided you’re going to obey commands you need to be sure you’re doing the right things, and not just those that look convenient because everybody’s doing it.
  • All creation!!! I’ve always found the idea fascinating. That all His beings worship Him. We can’t see most do because we haven’t been granted that sense but it’d be humbling (for lack of a better word) if we could.