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Lesson 20 – Just Let it Pass if You Can March 10, 2010

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Rabi Al-Awwal 21, 1431

“And in this (Book) We had prescribed (as binding) that the life for a life, and the eye for an eye, and the nose for a nose, and the ear for an ear, and the tooth for a tooth, and for the injuries equal punishment (as qisas). However, any one with sincerity (forgives as charity) then this would be kaffara (an atonement) for one’s sins. Any one who does not give his judgment in accordance with what Allah has revealed then those are the (selfish) people who are bent on oppression.”

Surah Al-Maida (Surah 5), verse 45


I don’t know if this metaphorically incorporates the hurt people cause but it’s great there’s talk of atonement of one’s sins if we just forgave. Kinda gives you a better perspective on the cleverness and the meanness people show.

Okay. So there are more than enough body parts mentioned here to understand that the recompense is one for one. Not more, not less. When I was younger, I used to have a lot of fights with my brothers. He’d slap me, I’d kick him, he’d punch me, I’d pull his hair. See, the foundation of those fights was just wrong. Had I just slapped him for every slap he gave me, maybe the fights wouldn’t have gone on as long as they did, or as fierce… and maybe, he wouldn’t have those bald spots that he does. Haha!!

As is always, Allah’s Perfection is evident in this single verse that covers both aspects of a situation: a talk about recompense and a talk about judgment.

How many people are there whose cases are pending in courts today (not because the wait is long but because somebody’s hands are long enough to keep them cases pending) or who are being given unfair settlements to deal with on a day to day basis? Way more than what’s acceptable. I don’t know just how some people survive, ruining people’s lives based on the power they have to take/ make decisions… how they forget their oaths, their religion, their true selves and become into the mean, corrupt retardbabies.

It’s common knowledge today that lawyers are taken as liars. I mean EVERYBODY cracks that joke. I wish I knew something funny to say about the judges… but there’s a background to all this. We all know of people and of cases where an unfair judgment was made such that the subject suffered. We all know of influential people swaying the decisions in their favor without having any accountability for them. What can I say?

I’m  just glad I don’t have physical fights with my brothers anymore. Now it’s more like, he gets me chocolate, I make his tea. I think it’s a fair turnaround.