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Lesson 10 – Premature Self-Pity February 16, 2010

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Rabi Al-Awwal 2, 1431

“And if He tests them by limiting their resources they say: “My Rabb has humiliated me.””

Surah Al-Fajr (Surah 89), verse 16


This one totally reminds me of MacGyver. He was more of a believer than we are. I don’t think he questioned his God the way we readily do when we’re short on things, things we think we need, things we can find ways to work without but we won’t because we’re so adamant on getting everything we want! The me-first-gimme-gimme psyche we’ve developed thanks to mass marketing/ brain-washing is what helps us be so restless, impatient and thankless. Take something away from someone and he’ll be sure to lie in a fetal position in his room wondering why God doesn’t love him… but a few years down the road there’s a good chance he’ll appreciate how things worked out for the better… not that he’ll learn the lesson because he’ll be back in his room thinking along somewhat the same lines when he doesn’t get the next thing he’s after. That’s the psyche corporate worked so hard for! That’s the psyche Allah is addressing here.

He Says He’ll Test His beings in various ways (children, resources, money, parents, power)… When you know you’re going to be tested, better buck up and stand up to the heat than blame Him for putting you in that position! How is it easier for you to meet deadlines, cram everything for tomorrow’s test, plan your schedule for exams that are a month away, simulate an interview perfectly for your dream job, but not find His tests to be healthy challenges? Tests that you need to pass to win the ultimate prize. I think we need to change our perceptions and take the Hereafter much more seriously than we do, I think we need to consciously ignore shaitaan’s whisperings while constantly asking for His refuge and work our way through the tough times.

It’s so much fun getting tougher and tougher challenges on the games we play on our Playstations and Xboxes, the wheels will keep turning (day and night, day and night) to find out new ways to beat the computer; we need to bring that psyche into our lives and have more direction individually and collectively for the greater good.