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Lesson 26 – Investing in Joy March 26, 2010

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Rabi Al-Sani 10, 1431

“O you people who believe! Spend (utilize) the good things which you have earned and of the (agricultural and mineral) product of the earth which We have grown for you. And do not deliberate that when you spend, you will give what is rotten among these (things), and you will not accept such (a thing) except that you overlook this (matter). And understand that Allah is Free of want, Worthy of all praise.”

Surah Al-Baqarah (Surah 2), verse 267


Sometimes when we have a lot of moolah on our hands we start thinking so much for ourselves, we can’t care less for anybody else’s needs and wants at all. Of course it’s important to utilize the money you’re earning on yourself and on your loved ones, but every once in a while we should take into consideration other people, whose needs we can help fulfill. These could be your friends, your employees, your colleagues… anybody you know, who is probably doing worse than you and would enjoy the luxury of what you think is a routine need for you.

Sometimes when you’re short on money and there are events coming up that require you to give presents, you begin to look around for things that will be within your budget, but maybe not something you would want for yourself because of whatever reasons. So many times when we have a choice of two things for ourselves we give away the one we like a little less to somebody. It’s an odd topic, an odd feeling, but it happens. Only when our own needs are fulfilled that we choose to give away something we would truly want for ourselves.

I don’t know if this is a global feeling but every time we indulge in pleasurable things like food, clothes, movies, traveling we get an uncomfortable, sinful feeling about it… like we don’t deserve it, like there are so many people out there who don’t have what we have and maybe we should give away something (not because we’re being generous, but because it’ll lessen the baseless guilt we have)… the roots of this feeling bud when we are continually fortunate, never when we’re getting what we want in an on and off manner. I think it’s critical to understand that Allah Made unlimited bounties for us to enjoy. That’s what they are there for. If we are giving away enough, if we are being honest about what we’re getting, if what we’re enjoying are free from lewdness and extravagance, if the pleasures are giving birth to pure gratitude to the Creator, if those things are helping us become better beings with better souls, then I think we’re doing our jobs right. No way should we feel guilty for being fortunate. No way should we consider it sinful to be truly content and no way should we shy away from whatever else Allah is Offering to us, be those material possessions or peace of mind.

I know it gets preachy when I say, “Give away what you think is perfect for you to somebody who, you feel will cherish it even more,” but I will say it because I know He has bigger hands and He will get me stuff that’s much bigger than what I’ve imagined to be perfect for myself.

Some other important things I’m going to pick from this are:

  • Hoarding your earnings is a complete no- no. You don’t want to be a millionaire on your bank statement and an annoying miser to a majority of people.
  • Products of earth – I only read fruits when I read “products of earth” only because to me, fruits are divine gifts, nothing less. What flavors Allah has Created, what textures, what shapes, what variety… and fruits are just one of the hundreds of things I can list that exemplify Allah’s Favors on us.
  • Allah doesn’t need me. I need Him. He doesn’t Need my fake gestures, He Wants pure intentions. He doesn’t Need me to live away a meaningless life, He Wants me to spend it being grateful and appreciative… because He is the only One who deserves that.