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Lesson 37 – Keeping promises April 19, 2010

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“And mention about Isma’eel from the Book. He was indeed one who was true to his promise.”

Surah Maryam (Surah 19), verse 54


What’s ticked me off this time around is the way people break their promises. Actually that’s what ticks me off every time. And ticking me off takes time and lotsa lotsa incidents and people and manipulations.

So many people I know manipulate their words, make false promises, twist and turn things to benefit their cause(s), say things in a manner that reveals the true intention much later, lie. AND. IT. DRIVES. ME. MAD.

Sure there’s the ultimate circumstances-are-not-the-same excuse but you can spot a false promise from a mile. Unless you’re as stupid as I am. Who believes people’s words if she likes ’em enough. I HATE PEOPLE NOW. Okay no, that’s just a dramatic line.

But, seriously. Now that I’ve mentioned Isma’eel (raw) to you, please try to keep your promises like he did. And, you know, not lie from now on? Everybody knows lying is wrong but everybody still does it. It’s better to not promise anything and stay quiet and create a rather awkward moment sometimes than fill a conversation with feel-good possibly impossible claims only to have one laughing at the premature deal later on and the other silently screaming over the mental violation.