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Lesson 19 – Not The Kind You Can Imagine March 4, 2010

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Rabi Al-Awwal 15, 1431

“They do not recognize scope and strength of Allah’s Power as is the due of such power to be recognized. Indeed Allah is Strong, Almighty.”

Surah Al-Hajj (Surah 22), verse 74


Either we’ve strayed too much from Allah’s message or we’ve gotten so busy in our lives (read: strayed away from Allah’s message) or trivialized our practice of Islam (read: strayed away from Allah’s message) or forgotten our priorities (read: strayed away from Allah’s message) but whatever it is, we’re losing out. Big time!

We just don’t ask Allah of things. We don’t ask Him to wake us up for fajr, we put on our alarm clocks to do the job for us. I can’t enumerate the times when He woke me up after I’d “talked” to Him to please do before going to sleep. I’ve tried that without putting on any alarms and I swear to you He woke me up… and not with any kind of laziness on me, but He woke me up with a palpable desire to offer my prayers. With our current routines of having more things to do and less time to do them so that we’re busy with this and that in the wee hours of the night, things like getting up for fajr, get thrown out of the window. We’re so caught up with trying to “secure” our eight hours of sleep, everything else kinda takes a backseat.

We don’t ask Him to get new things for us, we ask our fathers/ mothers/ siblings. It’s unfortunate that we forget how Powerful He is and that, He, in fact is THE PROVIDER. Recently, a cousin of mine won a laptop, something she had been wanting for a while. She got the best deal out there in the market and she had to pay nothing for it! Allah meandered her path to acquiring the laptop so beautifully that if you just stepped back and analyzed her situation, you can only be amazed by how Kind and (again) Powerful He is. He doesn’t need “circumstances” and “situations” and “ways” to provide His beings with what they’ve asked for (with clean intentions, hopefully; and for things that they’ll put good use to, too), He just Provides.

Because Allah Understands me more than I do myself, I’m not surprised by how succintly He’s saying what He’s saying in this verse:

  • The scope AND strength – two different entities. Quantity and quality. He can Do WHATEVER He Wants, HOWEVER He Wants to. Just ask Him – for guidance, for your plans, for your career, for new gadgets, for your new clothes, for your exams, for your desires, for your needs, for Jannah, for respect, for happiness, for intelligence, for a better memory.
  • Recognize. Reckonize His Power, yo(u)! I don’t think we have any, and by any I mean ANNNNNNNNYYYYYYYYYYY idea of how Powerful He is. If He has Created the person/ object (and the person who creates a powerful object), that you think is powerful, then how Powerful must He be? Are you imagining? Well, you should, so you first have an image of imaginable power and then you should have an image you can’t define, can’t explain.
  • Now notice how He ended the verse with the words “strong” and “almighty”, reiterating His qualities with a different approach. Strong = capable of much, almighty = having unlimited power. We clearly need to deliberate on who and what we’re going to ask from, from now on.