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Lesson 8 – Chaos With a Purpose February 14, 2010

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Safar 29, 1431

“Has the description of (resurrection) an overwhelming calamity reached you?”

Surah Al-Ghashiya (Surah 88), verse 1


Has it? This is a beautiful Surah, succint is the word for it. I’m tempted to put the whole of 26 lines because it puts forward varying messages, all different, all connected.

More than the description of the resurrection, has the description of death hit you yet? To me, the calamity will start right about when my soul will part from me. I sometimes don’t know what I’m doing with my life when I know I have to answer Him regarding things I run away from, I have to be accountable for everything I did, do and will do.

I can divert other people’s attention(s), I can choose to not answer things I don’t want to, I can avoid certain topics if  I want to, but what will I do when He asks me about the times I was supposed to remember Him and I didn’t, the times I mumbled unmentionable things under my breath when things went wrong, the times I blamed Him for my hurt, the times I wronged people? Where will I run? What will I do? Who will I go to? Who will save me? Will I have tears in my eyes? Will the fear worsen my already stuttering speech I’ll have at that moment? Will my justifications for the wrongs have any ground to them? Will I get sympathy or just disapproval? Will somebody step in to explain my stories? Will my parents protect me like they always have?

Remember, this will be an overwhelming calamity! One that has allll the potential to scare you, force you out of your comfort zones, it’ll be worse than any interview or viva you’ve ever had, better start thinking about it now. Better start envisioning drinking boiling hot water; eating thorny stuff like cacti; getting burnt and scalded for the minor hurt you once caused but never regretted; bitten by ugly, unforgiving serpents; having your bones bound so hard you start thinking you can’t take it any-damn-more, but you do!

Or you can start envisioning a life where you’re decked in comfortable, beautiful silk robes; you lay down under shades that receive the loveliest of breezes; you gorge on fruits tastier than mangoes, pulpier than oranges, more filling than bananas and more beautiful than peaches; you see rivers flowing by of the wines you desire, of milk that’s not adulterated, of honey that’s yummier than the one you get from little, green vallies; and of partners that don’t have a “history” with anybody else.

Make your choices wisely, have the vision of your choice in mind at all times, be good.