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Lesson 14 – Aaah The Original Sin February 20, 2010

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Rabi Al-Awwal 6, 1431

“But shaitaan seduced him by saying: “O Adam! Should I inform you of a tree that gives eternal life and a never decaying kingdom?”

Surah Taha (Surah 20), verse 120


A lot of people would like to live forever, or longer. There’s so much to do, such little time and it takes so much before you reach the point when you CAN do what you want to do. If you’re lucky. Travel, learn, research, discover, party, create, run a business… how much CAN you do? You’re always short on time if you’re the kind who truly feels like there’s a need to do everything that’s possible for you… which is why so much research goes on to prolong an average person’s life, to find out what keeps one younger regardless of the years, to make clones, to improve an average person’s lifestyle so he can achieve things at a younger age thus allowing him to live his dreams more.

I might be in the same category of people one day. Until then I’ll base my monologue on the stories I hear and see.

Here shaitaan taps on this apparently inherent desire man has for an eternal life. First man on earth, has everything he could ask for, was asked to stay away from just this ONE tree, has everything else at his disposal… so shaitaan does what he knows best: pounce at the opportunity of a curious mind. shaitaan asks very cleverly as he pulls Adam in, into his idea of an “exciting” adventure. he asks Adam if he wants to know about the tree that’s already been described to him. Interesting… Manipulative.

Two things are working here: shaitaan’s manipulation and Adam’s curiosity. Forbidden sins are made to look especially exciting by shaitaan and so was this one back when only two humans existed. The glaring message here is to think through all that’s going through your mind when you’re beginning to waver towards decisions you feel are wrong or have the potential to be wrong.

I must have said this several times already and I say it again: watch out for stupid shaitaan’s whisperings. he knows our psyche (individual and collective); presently, he probably works by making us think that our thoughts are our own, that our minds are superior with higher ability and logic, that his existence has little to do with how we live our lives. Don’t let him seduce you, like this verse mentions and don’t let the glitter and excitement of this life delude you about the real eternal life of the Hereafter. Read Surah Al-naas over and over if you must but work proactively in keeping yourself AWAY from his tricks. It gets tough to do so as the years add on but it’s something you and I must struggle with everyday and because we now have the knowledge of his mission, we can work on it a bit more strategically. A bit more concsiously.


Lesson 2 – Wear Your Armor Before You Start Reading February 8, 2010

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“When you read Quran (prior to that) seek protection with Allah against Shaitaan, the accursed.”

Surah Al-Nahl (Surah 16), verse 98


This goes out to all the atheists and agnostics, all the people who’re finding excuses to continue to “live it up”. See, shaitaan is the one who put the idea of not having to believe in the first, to not have any real accountability for things; he’s the one who makes the idea of 4 wives look immoral (just off the top of my head) without letting you think about the reason behind why it was allowed in the first place. shaitaan knows how a human mind works… for EACH individual, he has a different strategy. So let’s see, when you finally decide to read Quran with an open mind, you may think you’re thinking freely and you’re being logical and smart but you don’t know how the ugly faced shaitaan is forming images in your head, you don’t know how he’s distracting you, you don’t know what tricks he’s going to use to push you away from the truth and from Allah’s message. When you’ve read the Quran enough and you feel like you’re surely on the right path now, shaitaan, who was sitting right behind you all this time, the loser that he is, will envelop you with feelings of pride and of arrogance, maybe self-righteousness too thereby efficiently pulling you into his trap.


every time when you read the Quran, you WILL have to seek Allah’s protection so that whatever good that’s to come out of your reading, you understand (and apply) it fully… and whatever makes you question Allah’s message you find your answers soon enough, so you don’t fall in doubt, denial and similar vices, while you’re still seeking answers.

These are all little traps you think you’re too smart for… but NOOOOO! There are much too many thorns around here, each step has to be scrutinized, each decision has to be taken with the thought of  “Allah” vs “shaitaan”.

Other than this, here you can see Allah is subtly saying you can only seek His protection, you don’t need a bodyguard or a best friend or a jinn… only Him. Also, He is calling shaitaan, the “accursed”. Allah is pure and He is cursing shaitaan?? That’s gotta tell you something!

Disclaimer: I’m still struggling with so many things so there are going to be things on the blog that’ll raise your eyebrows and say, “Say whaaa?! What is this chick talking about??!?! Wasn’t she the one who watched that movie or did that?”

I understand that’ll continue to be a problem, but I’m trying to find myself through this experiment and I’m trying to spread goodness in a way I feel comfortable with… I’ll appreciate it if you kept the negativity away and just shared your viewpoints. All kinds of comments are welcome, as long as they are within an obviously evident (theme of the blog) decorum.