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Lesson 36 – Incessant Thanklessness April 17, 2010

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“Have you not observed people who reciprocated Allah’s rewards by being (thankless) disbelievers, and have landed their community in a home in the abyss; Hell; to burn therein, and a terrible place to live in.”

Surah Ibrahim (Surah 14), verse 28, 29


Oh God! That’s me.

And I am in a kind of hell these days.

Allah’s rewards on me are too many. I stop seeing them when I decide that I don’t want to. Best way to deal with this is to see the worldly conditions of those below me and the spiritual heights of the ones above me. It can be very calming and productive if I make that choice for myself.

I’ve noticed that arrogance, thanklessness and laziness are the ways to my heart when shaitaan wants to get extra friendly. He wins way too many times but I’m not going to be knocked down anymore. I’ll get up with a new resolve every time insha’Allah. I can never be thankful enough for His Favors upon me, one of them being His Mercy in that I can seek forgiveness and I can try to become better every time I slip, every time I show ingratitude. Subhanallah!

This thanklessness is mentioned so many times in Quran! It’s kind of relaxing in the sense that it is a major weakness in humans, in Muslims and it needs to be addressed, that it’s something global and not just YOUR weakness.  In the three consecutive Surahs 41, 42 and 43, this ingratitude is elaborated on further (41: 49-51) (42: 48) (43: 15-17). The incessant hopping from thankfulness upon receiving good and faithlessness following the slightest affliction is embarrassing to say the least. My dad always stresses on being content in whatever circumstances you find yourself in – it’s a true indicator of one’s character. What’s great about beaming from ear to ear upon landing something great and cribbing over your fate if something doesn’t work out? It’s what any mortal would do, I know… which is why it would be commendable to rise above that weak behavior and find contentment and peace in ALL that comes your way… which He’s Enabling anyway!

Every time I’m feeling a bit thankless now I either praise Him or I start counting His Blessings upon me right from my five intact senses to roof over my head to the ability to think – I really get down to the basics because I just don’t want to take anything for granted, because it’s the easiest way to get past my trivial issues, because nothing is truly in my control anyway.